Symposium: Rod Macdonald’s Legal Imagination

February 7-8, 2014


Those of you know Rod Macdonald, either personally or through his work or both, will know that he is one of Canada’s most prominent academic jurists and a true leader in legal education. Rod has announced his retirement and McGill’s Faculty of Law is hosting a Symposium in his honour, on 7-8 February: “The Unbounded Level of the Mind: Rod Macdonald’s Legal Imagination” (Ni bornes, ni frontières : l’imaginaire juridique de Rod Macdonald).

Visit the Symposium’s website at

Registration is closed, since the event is filled to capacity, but you are invited to explore the site, including the page on ‘Influence and Prospects’ at which you are invited to record your own contributions regarding Rod’s scholarship. We know that Rod has many friends and colleagues across this country and around the world. The web site will feature live streaming of the event, and will also feature a recording of the event for those who wish to view it afterwards.


Legal Ethics Forum: Symposium on Legal Education’s Response to the Economic Realities Facing the Profession

Legal Ethics Forum: Welcome to the LEF Symposium on Legal Education’s Response to the Economic Realities Facing the Profession.

From Monday, Feb. 6 to Wednesday, Feb. 8, scholars on the legal profession from the United States and around the world will post contributions about the implications of economic pressures on the way we teach our students. We hope that a robust exchange will be sparked as readers weigh in with comments. Our goal is to inspire a meaningful conversation about how we can better serve and prepare our students in light of the economic realities they face. Please be sure to check back often!

Contributors include:

Rakesh Anand (Syracuse)
Anita Bernstein (Brooklyn) Downturn awareness in class
Hannah Brenner (Michigan State)
Ray Campbell (Peking STL) Back to the future: cost control Chinese style
Paul Campos (Colorado) Do law faculty have an obligation to address the employment crisis in the classroom?
Michael P. Downey (Washington U./St. Louis U.)
David Hricik (Mercer)
Lucy Jewel (John Marshall Atlanta) Rogerian rhetoric and law school cred
Daniel Martin Katz (Michigan State)
Renee Newman Knake (Michigan State)
Judith Maute (Oklahoma)
Jim Milles (SUNY Buffalo)The sick elephant in the room

Richard Painter (Minnesota)It’s time for the ABA to deregulate law schools
Russ Pearce (Fordham) Why Occam’s Razor cuts in favor of making law an undergraduate degree
Laurel Rigertas (Northern Illinois)
Cassandra Burke Robertson (Case Western) After the student loan arms race: the disruption of hierarchy
Rita Shackel (Sydney) The technological trek – translating economies of legal education into the terrain of professional competencies
Mitchell Simon (New Hampshire) The difficult choices of tuition dependent schools
John Steele (Santa Clara) Developing competence
John Varghese (Government Law College, India)
Brad Wendel (Cornell)