Scholarly Paper Award

Terms of Reference

To recognize the work of new scholars, CALT conducts an annual competition for scholarly papers that make a substantial contribution to legal literature. Any member of CALT holding an appointment (tenured, tenure-track, post-doc or sessional contract) at a faculty or department of law at a Canadian university is eligible to enter the competition within seven years of commencing the first such appointment.

An entry consists of the submission of a paper on a legal topic for review by a selection committee.  In addition, applicants must confirm in writing their eligibility, by attesting that the deadline date of the competition is less than 7 years (84 months) since their first appointment to a faculty of law. Leaves which stopped tenure clocks at the institution of appointment can be excluded from the 84 months, but must be clearly indicated in a longer note to the Committee. Applicants with more complex situations who would like to request exclusions should write to the Committee for consideration with a timeline indicating the requested exclusion and any relevant additional information.

A paper is not eligible for consideration if it, or a substantially similar paper by the same author, has been published prior to 1 January 2021. The same paper may not be submitted more than once, but a paper that is a substantial revision of a paper previously submitted may be resubmitted as long as neither the first paper nor a substantially similar paper by the same author has been published prior to 1 January 2021. Co-authored papers may be submitted if the primary author is eligible to submit a paper. Copyright in any paper submitted remains the property of the author(s). The committee will only accept one paper per author.

If the selection committee determines that none of the submitted papers in a given annual competition makes a substantial contribution to legal literature, it may decline to select any paper for the Award. However, no honourable mention may be awarded if the Scholarly Paper Award is not given. The selection committee may use its own discretion in making these determinations and the decisions of the selection committee are final.

All submissions must be made by February 13, 2023.

Papers longer than 60 pages in length are not normally considered. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to: Professor Angela Cameron ([email protected])