Response to CBA Report on Legal Education in Canada

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Dear Colleagues,

We have received significant feedback from CALT members on the need to respond to public reports that comment on or affect legal education in Canada. One of these reports is the Canadian Bar Association’s August 2014 “Futures: Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada” (“Futures Report“). CALT was approached to comment on the report earlier, but for various reasons was unable to do so. We are now in a position to begin consulting our membership and other interested parties on this and other reports. 

We chose the CBA Futures Report because of its comments on legal education, mostly contained in Part 7 between pages 53 and 65. 

CALT invites comments from all legal educators and CALT members. All comments should be sent to Gemma Smyth ([email protected]) on or before February 27, 2015. Comments can be wide ranging, but should relate directly to comments made in the Futures Report and those affecting Canadian legal education, widely defined. 

Upon receipt of comments, the CALT Executive will compile the responses into its own Report that reflects the views of its membership and other law teachers. The Report will be circulated for comments before being send to the Canadian Bar Association.  

Thank you,

CALT Executive

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