About CALT

CALT brings together law teachers from across Canada in pursuit of common interests and concerns. We offer a place to share scholarship, to discuss teaching, and to look at those overarching issues of law and policy which relate to our academic and professional interests.

Over the last few years we’ve hosted our annual conferences in Montreal, Ottawa, and Regina, offering panel discussions, scholarly papers and teaching workshops aimed at bringing the latest pedagogical techniques to our members. We’ve brought together experts to provide an informed voice to debates about Supreme Court appointments and the question of accreditation of law schools in Canada. We started the Canadian Legal Education Annual Review, which publishes research on teaching and learning in law, and we annually honour scholarship and teaching excellence through two awards. We communicate about our activities through a Bulletin, and with this website, we inaugurate enhanced efforts to spread news about law teaching and scholarship to our members.

Join CALT. You will automatically receive a copy of CLEAR, the Canadian Legal Education Annual Review, and you will receive a reduced rate at our annual conference.

The objectives of CALT are listed in our Constitution:

a. generally to promote the interests of Canadian law teachers;
b. to contribute to the development of law teaching, to the improvement of legal education, and to the dissemination of information on and knowledge of our legal systems;
c. to contribute to the development and advancement of research in law;
d. to encourage meetings and exchanges among law teachers from different faculties or regions or belonging to different specializations and different legal systems;
e. to promote law reform and the improvement of the Canadian legal system;
f. such other objects as, in the opinion of the executive or members, may be in the best interests of the association.

Membership in the Canadian Association of Law Teachers is open to all law teachers who currently are or have been engaged in the teaching of law in a Canadian university, whether full or part-time, and to the editors of the Canadian Bar Review.

Associate membership in the Canadian Association of Law Teachers is open to all who are currently engaged in law teaching in countries other than Canada.

The Association is not representative of the law schools or their administration. We are representative of the law teachers and are primarily concerned with their problems and interests.

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