2022 CALT Award Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of CALT's Academic Prizes for 2022.  In awarding the Prizes during our (virtual) AGM, President of CALT and Chair of the Awards Committee, Angela Cameron spoke. about the large pool of excellent papers.  Our tireless adjudication Committee struggled to choose winners this year, and we are grateful to them for their work. 

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2022 Scholarly Paper Prize

Marie Manikis (McGill University).   “Recognising State Blame in Sentencing: A Communicative and Relational Framework” Cambridge Law Journal (forthcoming)

Honourable mentions: 

Ignacio Cofone (McGill law): "Immunity Passports and Contact Tracing Surveillance” (published in the Stanford Technology Law Review) 

Stefanie Carsley (UOttawa law)- “Regulating Reimbursements for Surrogate Mothers” (published in the Alberta Law Review) 

CALT Prize for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2022 

David Sandomierski (University of Western Ontario) , John Bliss (University of Denver), and Tayzia Collesso (JD, UWO). “Pass for Some, Fail for Others: Law School Grading Changes in the Early Covid-19 Pandemic” (under review for publication)

Honourable mention:

Sarah-jane Nussbaum  "Critique-Inspired Pedagogies in Canadian Criminal Law Casebooks: Challenging 'Doctrine First, Critique Second' Approaches to First-Year Law Teaching" in (2021) 44 Dalhousie Law Review 


CALT Prize for Academic Excellence 

This Prize honours exceptional contribution to research and law teaching by a Canadian law teacher in mid-career. 

Winner: Prof. Laverne Jacobs, Professor, Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law 

Prof. Jacobs is an accomplished and respected teacher, researcher, administrator and social justice advocate. The Adjudication Committee Chair noted:

"....the number, breadth, depth and remarkable positivity of the reference letters that accompanied Prof. Jacob’s nomination for this prize. Her peers, students and members of her community seemed so excited to have the opportunity to speak enthusiastically to her many accomplishments- they were a pleasure to read, and constituted a real tribute to Prof. Jacob’s broad and enduring impact."


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