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Canadian Legal Education Annual Review (Canada)

Clinical Law Review

Journal of Legal Education (US)

International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education 

Law Teaching & Learning Organizations and Websites

Association of Law Teachers (UK)

SLS Legal Education Research and Practice Group

Institute for Law Teaching and Learning (Gonzaga University School of Law)


  • "LegalED aims to harness the power of the internet for legal education.  It facilitates blended or flipped learning -- by migrating lectures to the web, LegalED frees up classtime for active learning that challenges students to learn the essential lawyering competencies while they are in law school."

Legal Education Training Review (UK)   The Review Report was published in 2013.  It was a "a fundamental, evidence-based review of education and training requirements across regulated and non-regulated legal services in England and Wales".  The website includes the report, but also an extensive reference list which might be of use to researchers. 

Association for Canadian Clinical Legal Education  (ACCLE)

Clinical Legal Education Association (US)

Society of American Law Teachers (SALT)   "a community of progressive law teachers, law school administrators, librarians, academic support experts, students and affiliates. SALT has been working for more than 40 years to improve the legal profession, the law academy and expand the power of law to under-served communities.  SALT engages in work within and beyond the law school to advance social justice."

Association of American Law Schools 

Harvard Law School, Centre for the Legal Profession (Legal Education subfocus)

Higher Education, Generally

Faculty Organizations

Canadian Association of University Teachers 

OCUFA (Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations)


University Affairs (Canadian magazine)

Inside Higher Ed (US online higher ed news, subscription required, try your university library for sign in)

Law and legal education blogs

ABlawg (University of Calgary Faculty of Law)

A Place to Discuss Best Practices in Legal Education

  • Blog based out of Albany Law and to some extent focused on clinical legal education. "[A] gathering place for people interested in proposing, discussing, and testing ideas about legal education. Our goal is to stimulate robust dialogue between and among all sectors of the legal academy."

Law Professors Blogs Network

University of Alberta Faculty of Law Blog

University of Toronto Faculty of Law Blog

Law Prof "Personal" Blogs

hEaD space ("a forum for musings on legal education, academic law, the legal profession and its ethics, and higher education policy and practice, with the odd diversion..." Professor Julian Webb, Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Honorary Professor at the University of Exeter:)

Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports: Prof. Leiter is Karl N. Llewellyn Professor of Jurisprudence
Director, Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values, University of Chicago Law School.  His blog does many things but in particular tracks hiring into and between U.S. law schools. 

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