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Here are 3 common myths about CALT membership:

1) Full-time law professors are automatically members of CALT

  • Unfortunately, that is not the case. You must be eligible and you must register (and pay the fees) to become a member of CALT. To be eligible, you must be a full or part-time member or graduate student of a faculty, school or department of law (interpreted widely) at an institution of higher learning in Canada. 

2) Only full-time Canadian law professors can be members of CALT

  • Actually, CALT has a wide base of members! We encourage memberships from part-time law teachers (adjuncts), law professors and teachers from legal studies programmes, law teachers in paralegal programs, and more! We also have quite a few graduate student members. We also have an Associate membership for those teaching law outside of Canada. 

3) Once a member, always a member! 

  • Wouldn't that be nice! You actually have to renew your membership every year, but don't worry, we'll send you a reminder in the middle of the fall every year. 

Here are 3 reasons to become a member of CALT:

1) You get regular news about what's going on in legal education in Canada - through this new website, we can keep you informed about developments in legal education and about teaching innovations and ideas (with our blog), as well as job and publishing opportunities.  

2) You are eligible to win one of our three yearly awards

3) You get to network with other law teachers from across the country at the annual conference.

 How to join:

Click here to join CALT (electronic form and credit card payment).