2022.12.08 Conference Update 1


Conference 2023 Colloque 1

Join us at CongressFHSS May 29, 30 2023 at York University / Rejoignez-nous au Congrès les 29 et 30 mai 2023 à l'Université de York.


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Our Call for Proposals (due date 23.12.2022)

Our Call for Proposals

[en francais] Nous vous encourageons (et pouvons vous aider) à entrer en contact avec des collègues de différentes institutions et à différents stades de leur carrière afin de générer des possibilités. Retrouvez-nous sur [email protected]

[The complete call is available in English here. Below, a brief refresher] We encourage you (and can help you) reach out to colleagues at different institutions and career stages to generate possibilities. Get us at [email protected]

An Expanded Focus

  • particular attention to the work and needs of those members of the academy who have joined in the last 3 or 4 years
  • more space for discussions of scholarly legal research inside or across areas of legal scholarship - beyond the scholarship of teaching and learning.

These plans complement our familiar focus on teaching and learning law in Canada.

Form (all sessions slots are 1.5 hours – you may request a 1 hour session)

  1. Workshops (participatory workshops led by one or more people)
  2. Roundtables (large number of speakers or expectation that all participate) (see invitations to join proposals in this email)
  3. Panels (3-4 speakers presenting research work, with or without drafts and commentator)
  4. Author meets Reader

Substantive Themes related to Reckonings & Reimaginings (feel free to identify more than one)

  1. Topics which relate to or engage with Indigenous and / or Black communities and law or legal education
  2. Post Pandemic Reckonings and Reimaginings
  3. Teaching and Learning in Legal Education
  4. Focus on scholarship about a particular issue.
  5. Focus on scholarship in a particular subject area.

Participants should assume that remote participation—for presenters and audiences—will not be supported at this conference. If you have questions or concerns please be in touch at [email protected].

Invitation: Join a Reading Group & Roundtable Discussion on Teaching Modalities: The Comparative Value of Online and In-person Legal Education

This reading group, convened by Professors Anna Lund (Alberta) and Angela Lee (Toronto Metropolitan University) will culminate in a Roundtable at the CALT 2023 conference. It will bring together Canadian legal scholars to think through and discuss the comparative value of online versus in-person legal education.
When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2020, it necessitated a hasty adjustment to the ways in which education was delivered. Schools at all levels switched from a predominantly in-person to an online model of teaching and learning, with mixed degrees of success. As public health restrictions have been relaxed, many law schools have since moved back to the pre-pandemic norm of in-person education, often justified by the assumption that in-person learning is better for students and teachers alike. At the same time, some constituencies have resisted this "return to normal" for reasons including accessibility for students with disabilities, flexibility for Indigenous students who wish to remain in their home communities, and ongoing concerns around public health.

This reading group and roundtable will give legal educators space to consider and compare the value of online versus in-person legal education, and imagine how to move forward to a "new normal" that can hopefully better reflect some of the lessons learned about different teaching modalities during the pandemic.

Participants will be invited to read three articles relevant to the topic prior to the roundtable. Each of these readings will be briefly summarized at the start of the session, and participants will then be guided through a series of discussion questions on the roundtable's theme.

Invitation to Join a Roundtable on Teaching Critical Perspectives in Criminal Law

Profs Sarah-jane Nussbaum (UNB) and Danardo Jones (Windsor) are convening a Roundtable for CALT at Congress 2023 (see link for dates and details of the Conference) about teaching critical perspectives in criminal law, and are reaching out for expressions of interest in joining.

The focus here is on teaching law school first years, and early career teachers are especially welcome.

  • Roundtable participants are asked to bring something for the group conversation, for instance:
  • More granular descriptions of teaching goals/learning outcomes in terms of "critical perspectives", or a definition of "critical perspectives" that you are using in designing your course
  • A description of specific challenges (or perceived failures) in bringing critical perspectives to students, reflections on the reasons for the problem including perhaps how it relates to other courses, classroom dynamics, etc.
  • A particular class or teaching unit which worked well including perhaps material, focus, activities, and evaluation methods to share with the group.
  • Evidence of how an approach is received by students (good or bad)

Interested? Please reach out to Profs Nussbaum and Jones by December 20 ([email protected], [email protected]) so that they can add your name to the proposal they plan to submit. Your email should include some indication of what you would like to bring to the Roundtable.

There is space available for a number of people to join - invite your colleagues to consider it. At the Conference, people not actually part of the Roundtable will of course be able to attend the session.


Items relevant to teaching and learning in legal education can be sent by members to [email protected] re: ACPD-CALT Bulletin. Les nouvelles pertinents à l'enseignement et à l'apprentissage en éducation juridique peuvent être envoyés à [email protected] au sujet de: Bulletin ACPD CALT.


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