CALT Conference Series 2022


Online workshops and roundtables (and more)

to be held in June 2022


Deadline for Proposals April 22 2022

In lieu of a conference this summer, CALT proposes a series of Wednesday sessions in June, with a longer session including our AGM on June 8th

CALT is now soliciting proposals from Canadian law teachers for online roundtables or workshops connected to legal education.

For events included in the series, CALT will provide publicity (through its website, mailing list, and other channels) and assume responsibility for the technical aspects of hosting the meeting (registration through Zoom, etc.).

CALT would be glad to consider partnering with other academic or professional organizations in order to co-host particular events in the series.


Proposals should address a unified theme, and be designed for a total duration of 60 to 120 minutes, including activities and/or discussion.


Sessions may be in one of two formats: workshops (with active learning and participatory approaches aimed at capacity building); or, roundtables (interactive discussion and exchange, either with a small group of panelists with some participation by the room, or intended to engage the whole room). Other formats may be proposed.


Proposals should be contained in a standalone Word document (i.e. not in the body of an email) that is no longer than 2 pages and must provide the following information:

  • Session title;
  • Session format (workshop, roundtable or other) and length
  • Brief description of session topic, content and agenda (100-500 words)
  • Identification at least 3 presenters, including a session chair.

**Please note while CALT has currently suspended membership fees, we will be reinstating modest membership fees before June 2022, in the <$50 range for full time faculty.  All presenters will be expected to become CALT members and pay the membership fee)

  • Brief biographical information for each contributor (including institutional affiliation and position title or program status);
  • Identification of partner (co-hosting) organization, if any;
  • Preferred dates, if any (June 1, 15, 22, 29 are the Wednesday dates we are looking at – along with the second Wednesday of the month in some of all of July through December.

Please send all proposals, in Word format, as well as any suggestions or expressions of interest, to <[email protected]> no later than April 22 2022.

The CALT Conference Committee will review all proposals and make selections based on timeliness, rigour, anticipated interest of CALT members, and potential for interactive exchange and learning impact.

If a proposal is selected, members of the CALT Conference Committee will contact the persons making the proposal to agree upon a date and time. The Committee may request additional information and modifications.

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