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Monday Jun 12, 2023 2:00 PM  EST.

Experts Chat about ChatGPT:

Curriculum and Context

This roundtable of law, tech and teaching experts from Canadian Law Schools will try to put what's new about Chat GPT into context for law teachers.  Should we teach about ChatGPT, and how?  How might ChatGPT be integrated into legal work?  And how can we design meaningful evaluations in a world where Chat GPT is a click away? 

Prof Alexandra Mogoryos, Toronto Metropolitan University, Lincoln Alexander Faculty of Law

Audrey Fried Director, Faculty & Curriculum Development, Osgoode OPD

Prof. Katie Szilagyi, University of  Manitoba Faculty of Law 

Prof. Kirsten Thomasen, Allard Faculty of Law, UBC

Prof. Jon Penny, Osgoode Hall Law School

Prof Valerio de Stefano, Canada Research Chair in Innovation, Law and Society, Osgoode Hall Law School

Prof. Wolfgang Alschner, Hyman Soloway Chair in Business and Trade Law, Ottawa Faculty of Law

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Monday Jun 26, 2023 11:00 AM  EST

Wellness in Law Schools:

Talking about Techniques and Tensions

Presented in collaboration with the Association of Law Teachers (UK).

Institutions related to the legal profession in many jurisdictions have begun to recognize a serious and, it seems, increasing, level of mental unwellness amongst lawyers as well as law students.  This panel will focus on the question of wellness in law schools.  A set of Draft Guidelines for law schools prepared by  Emma J. Jones, Sr. Lecturer and Director of Student Wellbeing at University of Sheffield School of Law UK, Professor Caroline Strevens, University of Portsmouth, UK; Professor Rachael Field, Bond University, Australia; and Dr Colin James, ANU, Australia), the UK Association of Law Teachers and the International Bar Association on developing International Guidelines for Mental Wellbeing in Legal Education will be shared with all participants.  Panellists (TBA) will offer feedback on the guidelines.  The Panel will reflect on some of the many complex tensions which arise in efforts to promote wellness in law schools.  These tensions include whether wellness initiatives should be broadly or narrowly targeted, the extent to which wellness initiatives themselves can create more time pressure on students, and the problem of limited resources, particularly for evaluation studies.  Specific initiatives that Panellists have been involved with will also form part of the discussion.  Contributions and questions from all participants will be welcome time permitting. All registered  participants will receive a copy of the Draft Guidelines and an annotated list of resources on wellness in law schools.

Registration required, register here:

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