CBA Legal Futures Initiative Call for Submissions Due July 31, 2015

Call for...

The CBA Legal Futures Initiative welcomes interventions from scholars, practitioners, law students, and advocates that address:

  • New legal disciplines – what training and education will 21stcentury lawyers need?
  • New legal environments – how can we train lawyers to work effectively in collaborative and multidisciplinary teams?
  • New licencing processes – how can we encourage experimentation in the methods used to prepare new entrants for their call to the bar? 
  • Lifelong education – how can professional development meet the needs of lawyers throughout their careers while also ensuring increased competence in the profession? 
  • A more representative profession – how can we ensure that law schools and the profession reflect the diversity of Canadian society to a greater extent, and that law school graduates are able to pursue varied career objectives including social justice?
  • Bridging theory and practice – how can legal employers and legal educators engage in productive dialogue about matching law school graduates to legal market needs? 
  • The relevant lawyer – how does the profession become more relevant to clients?
  • Transforming the profession – how can educators encourage innovation amongst lawyers?

Proposals should be approximate 500 words in length, and should identify whether the intervention will be offered as a scholarly paper or in another format, such as a case study or report or multimedia presentation.  Papers (approximately 10,000 words in length) will be circulated by the organizers in advance of the workshop; other interventions will be shared in advance as appropriate.

Please submit your proposals by July 31, 2015 to Professor Beth Bilson ([email protected]) if in English, and to Professor Patrice Deslauriers ([email protected]) if in French.

We regret that participation in the workshop will be limited to a small group.  We anticipate that we will be unable to accept all of the proposals we receive.  However, it is our hope that the workshop will launch ongoing inquiries into this topic, and related issues. 

The organizers aim to have scholarly paper submissions published in a special issue of The Canadian Bar Review.  Contributions which take other forms will be published or otherwise shared in collaboration with the Canadian Bar Association as appropriate.

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