Call for Participants in a Roundtable at CALT 2023 Conference: Teaching Critical Approaches to Criminal Law

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Profs Sarah-jane Nussbaum (UNB) and Danardo Jones (Windsor) are convening a Roundtable for CALT at Congress 2023 (see link for dates and details of the Conference) about teaching critical perspectives in criminal law, and are reaching out for expressions of interest in joining.

The focus here is on teaching law school first years, and early career teachers are especially welcome.

  • Roundtable participants are asked to bring something for the group conversation, for instance:
  • More granular descriptions of teaching goals/learning outcomes in terms of "critical perspectives", or a definition of "critical perspectives" that you are using in designing your course
  • A description of specific challenges (or perceived failures) in bringing critical perspectives to students, reflections on the reasons for the problem including perhaps how it relates to other courses, classroom dynamics, etc.
  • A particular class or teaching unit which worked well including perhaps material, focus, activities, and evaluation methods to share with the group.
  • Evidence of how an approach is received by students (good or bad)

Please reach out to Profs Nussbaum and Jones by December 20 if interested ([email protected][email protected]) so that they can add your name to the proposal they plan to submit.  Your email should include some indication of what you would like to bring to the Roundtable. 

There is space available for a number of people to join - invite your colleagues to consider it.  At the Conference, people not actually part of the Roundtable will of course be able to attend the session. 


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