Call for Participants in a Reading Group & Roundtable at CALT 2023 Conference: The Comparative Value of Online and In-person Legal Education

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A Reading Group & Roundtable Discussion on Teaching Modalities: The Comparative Value of Online and In-person Legal Education
This reading group, convened by Professors Anna Lund (Alberta) and Angela Lee (Toronto Metropolitan University) will culminate in a Roundtable at the CALT 2023 conference. It will bring together Canadian legal scholars to think through and discuss the comparative value of online versus in-person legal education. 
When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2020, it necessitated a hasty adjustment to the ways in which education was delivered. Schools at all levels switched from a predominantly in-person to an online model of teaching and learning, with mixed degrees of success. As public health restrictions have been relaxed, many law schools have since moved back to the pre-pandemic norm of in-person education, often justified by the assumption that in-person learning is better for students and teachers alike. At the same time, some constituencies have resisted this "return to normal" for reasons including accessibility for students with disabilities, flexibility for Indigenous students who wish to remain in their home communities, and ongoing concerns around public health.

This reading group and roundtable will give legal educators space to consider and compare the value of online versus in-person legal education, and imagine how to move forward to a "new normal" that can hopefully better reflect some of the lessons learned about different teaching modalities during the pandemic. 

Participants will be invited to read three articles relevant to the topic prior to the roundtable. Each of these readings will be briefly summarized at the start of the session, and participants will then be guided through a series of discussion questions on the roundtable's theme. 
Anyone interested in joining the reading group and participating in the roundtable can join the mailing list by emailing Professor Anna Lund (Alberta) at [email protected].
A reminder that being on the program for the Conference - including being a member of a Roundtable - will require a CALT membership purchased either prior to or concurrent with Conference registration.


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